Class of 2018 Athletes Going to College

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Sport: Football

College: Indiana State University

Why Indiana State? “I chose Indiana State because I really liked the new coaching staff and the direction they are looking to take the program to. I felt like it was the perfect fit for me both athletically and academically to have the most success at the next level.”

Advice to Younger Athletes: “My advice to younger athletes would be to set a goal for yourself and do everything in your power to reach far beyond that goal. You can do anything you want if you are willing to put in the work that it takes to get you there. It has been my dream to play D1 football my whole life, so I made sure I worked as hard as possible to reach that goal.”



Sport: Baseball

College: Emory University

Why Emory? “I chose Emory because I really like the coaches, and they play at a consistently high level.”

Advice to Younger Athletes: “Take every chance that comes your way, and don’t wait for the coaches to reach out to you. Be proactive and send them information that might make them interested.”



Sport: Football

College: University of South Dakota

Why South Dakota? “The academics suited my needs, and I love the coaching staff—they kept things completely honest with me and made me feel like I was at home. Also, the offense caters to my arm.”

Advice to Younger Athletes: “My advice would be, if your really focused on a goal, you can achieve it through focus and determination. Set your goals high, and if you’re not afraid of going out to get those goals, then you know you can go even further.”





Sport: Basketball

College: University of Chicago

Why UChicago? “It was the school and basketball program that would push me the hardest to become the best version of myself as a student, athlete, and person. These are the people that I want to be surrounded by for the next four years and beyond. I strongly believe in the vision of the program, and I am so excited to be a part of achieving those lofty goals.”

Advice to Younger Athletes: “Keep an open mind. Talk to anybody and everybody because you learn something about yourself from every conversation and every visit. Learn what you like, but also make sure to discover what you don’t like, because both should influence your decisions.”



Sport: Football

College: Rhodes College

Why Rhodes? “I have always wanted to continue playing football and Rhodes gave me a place to do that.”

Advice to Younger Athletes: “You can achieve your athletic goals if you put in the work.”





Sport: Ice Hockey

College: New York University

Why NYU? “I 

wanted to receive a great education while continuing to play hockey.  The coaching staff, players, and facilities were all top notch.  Playing collegiate hockey in New York City will be a dream come true.”  

Advice to Younger Athletes: “Set your goal high and work towards it everyday.  Control the things you can control and good things will happen.”




Sport: Soccer

College: Washington University in Saint Louis


Why WashU? “I chose Wash U because it’s a good academic school with a competitive soccer program. I hit it off with the coaches, and they see me fitting into their system well.”

Advice to Younger Athletes: “Take every opportunity seriously. You never know who’s watching. I had no idea the Wash U coach was watching the first time he saw me play.”




Sport: Field Hockey

College: Yale Universi


Why Yale? “Yale has a long history of being one of the best academic institutions in the U.S. In addition, I like how the smaller student population allows one to form deeper connections with others, and the way that the residential system is set up fosters a sense of community. Yale presented me with the unique opportunity to pursue my career in athletics at a university of its caliber with amazing faculty and resources.”

Advice to Younger Athletes: “Don’t be scared to step up as a younger athlete and use your voice on the team, even though it might be intimidating.”


Class of 2018 Athletes Going to College