International Dinner

Ann Zhang, Reporter

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The World asked a variety of Burroughs students for their thoughts on the annual International Dinner, and found many don’t  know exactly what it is. One student asked, “Is that a thing?” Another: “You mean the fashion show, right?”

Over the years, Burroughs has developed numerous memorable traditions, such as Dreyland, Dance Marathon, and Potpourri. The only tragedy of our rich opportunities as students is that sometimes, we take them for granted; as a result we overlook and miss out on many potentially wonderful, defining moments of our time at this school.

In case you didn’t know, Burroughs’ International Dinner is the cherry on top of International Week, which also includes a special assembly speaker and the ever-popular fashion show. Organized by the International Student Exchange, which is a committee consisting of volunteers from the JBS parents’ council, the dinner doesn’t garner quite as much attention as student-led activities, which usually receive ample assembly announcements.

However, there’s no doubt that the International Dinner earns its place among the most enjoyable, engaging JBS traditions.

By the time Friday evening (when the dinner takes place) rolls around, most everyone is hungry, and it’s a unifying experience for the Burroughs community — for people from all grades, faculty, and family — to gather in the dining hall and feast.

Of course, the international dinner includes a mouthwatering selection of foods from samosas, to spring rolls, to donut holes, which are supplied by SAGE and a variety of local restaurants. This wide array gives students the chance to appreciate foods they’ve never tried before or return for second and third servings of their favorite dishes.

In addition to its diverse selection of food, the dinner also provides live entertainment; in the past years, performances and activities have included student performances, Mariachi music, a lion dance from Wash U’s Asian Culture Club, and Indian hand-painting. In 2014, the dinner was even Bollywood themed!

At the end of the evening, the event concludes with the announcement of next year’s foreign exchange student, who will share classes with the current sophomores.

This year’s international dinner is set for Friday, March 9.



International Dinner