The Future for Science Town

Carrie Zhang, Opinions Editor

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It has been four months since Science Town was demolished. Sparkling, white, box-shaped buildings housed hundreds of students every day. However, the once-popular center was more than just a place for classes.

Students were often seen relaxing by Laughing Lake, swimming in the clear blue water and occasionally catching some rays on the Burroughs Yacht. In the winter, students gathered at the lake for ice skating, hockey scrimmages and snowball fights.

The remaining land is now spotted with decaying, yellow grass and the occasional squirrel scrounging for scraps amongst the remnants of our beloved Science Town.

Mr. Abbott has yet to answer what he has in mind for the future of science town. Will he allow the once-glorious land to remain unused? Will he permit the end to such a vital part of Burroughs?

As Bombers, we cannot allow such a crime to happen.

Critics say that the loss of such land will be even more devastating than the extinction of Spix’s Macaw that inspired Rio.

The vast amount of land that is now free to use offers endless possibilities.

I often hear students expressing their desire for a coffee or bagel. Science Town offers a solution. The unused land can be transformed into a bustling coffee shop where students can study, hang out with friends, or grab a hot coffee or ice cold lemonade.

Students could even sign up to work at the shop before and after school, during their free periods, or on weekends. The shifts could take a couple bucks off our tuition. Students who work enough hours could have the chance of changing their U.S. History grade to an “A.”

The coffee shop could also provide a choice for students who would like to use their lunchtime to study while also grabbing a bite to eat.

For those that adore architecture, the land could be transformed into a sculpture garden that bests even those in the St. Louis Botanical Garden. It could be the perfect site for those special Blue and Gold photographs or a nice spot for a date.

The empty land has enough acres for several apartment buildings to be constructed; alumni can reside there when they visit Burroughs. Those who live far away from Burroughs could stay there at a discounted price. The space could be dubbed “Alumni Town” just to keep the tradition going.

The location of the space on campus is truly a benefit. Laughing Lake rivals vacation spots such as Bora Bora or the Bahamas, and the massive dock can be filled with pool chairs and hot tubs.  

The possibilities for Science Town are endless. All that is left is to take initiative and formulate a plan. One thing is for certain. We cannot, as members of a community such as Burroughs, leave this beautiful land to be forgotten.


The Future for Science Town