Fall Sports Preview Review

As fall sports seasons come to a close, the World compares each teams predictions with their realities.

Kendall Allen, Reporter

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Boys Soccer

“For us, this season is no different than the past few years in terms of our main goal: We want to win a championship title. I believe we have the personnel to do it and I’m really excited to play alongside the guys and accomplish great things. A couple of notable members of the squad are freshman John Cordia. He’s impressed me since day one and plays very well and holds his ground despite his size. Our center forward Andrew Keeney is also off to a fast start with 5 goals in three games. Record: 3-1* Fun fact: We get that bread.” -Collin Bradley, senior


“The soccer team is very appreciative of each other and it is fun to be around the team.”

John Cordia, freshman


“For me, this year is about playing into early November and creating bonds while accomplishing it. I’m really excited to get into the postseason because I think that we have an amazing shot at making it and can’t wait to see how well we all know each other by then. Compared to other years, the team is smaller, but quicker and more skilled. Right now, we are 3-1, with a 10:1 goal ratio. Currently, everyone is playing well and we are very thankful to have so many impactful returning players.

Fun fact: the shortest player on the team is Austin Isaak. Do what you gotta do with that information”-Chase Warner, senior


Cross Country

“For us, this is a year of growth. With a lot of strong freshman, as well as sophomore, junior, and senior talent, we are excited to see where the season takes us as a team. Cross country is also a mental sport, so we are all looking forward to not only staying physically strong, but also training our minds to keep us positive, ready and focused. This calls for a lot of visualization and meditation that we hope will help improve the way we approach meets and workouts. We are pushing to have a strong team for districts, but for now, are focusing on the here and now.” -Nandini Jain, senior


“I believe that our XC teams this year represent a mindset of achieving goals. This is evident in the girls’ team, which is, unfortunately, a bit small, but laced with athletes [who] are relentless in building themselves and excited to motivate each other. As for the boys’ team, which I can speak more specifically for, there is a large sum of athletes from grades 9-12 who are all adamant on following the norms that we created, such as “Pain is temporary” and to “Perform your best for yourself and the TEAM.” This passion [stems] from the fact that there is an increased chance for the team to make state this year.”- Akash Mallady, freshman


Field Hockey

“The varsity field hockey team’s season is already off to a great start with several high-scoring games! Rookie sophomore Riley King leads the team with 5 goals, and junior Sydney Panagos follows closely behind with 3. After winning our pool in the Gateway Classic Tournament over Labor Day weekend, we now have a 3-2 record. We’re looking forward to our home opener on September 5th against Rosati-Kain and our trip to Chicago over fall break to watch Northwestern play and to compete against Loyola Academy. Fun fact: we have three sets of sisters!” -Almira Arnold, senior



“We are 2-0, Caleb Hughes (running back) has 380 total yards and 5 TD’s, Chris Pittman (quarterback) has 4 TD’s and 290 total yards, Isaac Bledsoe and Derrick Miller lead the team in solo tackles with 8, and John Browning leads the team in total tackles with 12.”

-Isaac Bledsoe, senior


Girls Tennis

“After our packed pre-season of hard work both on and off the court, we started the season off by traveling to Columbia, MO for the Great 8 Tournament. We met teams from around the state, including Pembroke Hill who finished first in Class 1 last year and Rock Bridge, the defending Class 2 champions. We had a strong 7-2 win against Pembroke Hill and a resounding 9-0 victory against Rock Bridge. Last year, we had a little bit of a disappointing end to the season but this year every member of this team has come back ready to work 10 times harder. Along with 5 out of our top 6 [players] returning, this year we gained an extremely talented and experienced freshman, Emily, and Gaby Thornton is back and ready after her ACL injury last year. Everyone is back into the groove of things and we have already done a lot of team bonding, including having a nationally-known facilitator for team-building and leadership development lead us in a session. We have a current 5-0 record and are continuing to work hard and keep the mindset that we can always get better.” -Kate Stengel, Senior


Fun Fact: 12 out of 15 girls on the team are sophomores or juniors.



“We are excited for this season because we have a lot of new players and great potential. We hope to really focus on our individual skills throughout the regular season in order to come out strong during the postseason. This year is different from last year, as we have lost three incredibly strong seniors. Luckily, this year we have many new players who bring many different skills to the table and help create a more balanced team. One of these players is freshman Vanessa Polk, who has become a great offensive asset for us. We are currently 3-3. Our top hitters are Abby Philpott, Bailey Hahn, and Vanessa Polk. Fun fact: We can consume a record number of fruit snacks.” -Ella Schactman, senior


*All records are as of September 5th, 2018

Fall Sports Preview Review