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Class of 2017 College List

See where the John Burroughs School Class of 2017 is headed in the fall

Courtesy of John Burroughs School

Courtesy of John Burroughs School

Courtesy of John Burroughs School

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The Class of 2017 will soon shift their focus to college matriculation. The following list reveals the post-graduation college plans for each of the seniors.


The University of Alabama

Morgan Pruett

Arizona State University

Max (Gage) Horowitz

Arizona State University – Barrett, the Honors College

Ian Bradley

Diego Santa Cruz

Babson College

Ben Stegeman

Butler University

Hannah Stroup

California Institute of Technology

Noah Sock

University of California, Berkeley

Michelle Fan

University of California, Santa Cruz

Schroedter Kinman

Carleton College

Izzy Bascom-Anderson

Emma Dubinsky

University of Chicago

Jennifer Zhou

Colgate University

Ellie Krause

Paige Williams

University of Colorado at Boulder

Michael Zeigler

Colorado College

Andrew Braswell

Dartmouth College

Sydney Lister

Fordham University

Manpreet Grewal

The George Washington University

Emma Ogonoski

Georgetown University

Aidan Reid

Hamilton College – New York

Perrin Salewood

Harvard University

Julia Riew

Indiana University at Bloomington

Haaris Malik

Hamaad Raza

Matthew Woodruff

Johns Hopkins University

Katie Jackson

Joseph Tischler

University of Kansas

Christian Maglasang

Grace Schmidt

Kenyon College

Henry Abbott

Loyola University New Orleans

Liam Donovan

Miami University (Ohio)

Andrew LaDriere

Matthew Munger

University of Miami (Florida)

Suleman Burrows

University of Michigan

Jake Kovalic

Abby McCay

University of Missouri – Columbia

Sam Trzecki

New York University

Xavier (Zavy) Miller

Ethan Orchard

Dhruv Shetty

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Elizabeth (Libby) Forsen

Northeastern University

Oona Gaffney

Pitzer College

Nathan Hoagland

Princeton University

Sophia Marusic

University of Richmond

Tallie Williams

Saint Louis University

Kavitha Gnanarajah

Santa Clara University

Aliff Rush

University of Southern California

Caroline Creighton

Ben Dankner

Tolu Ogunremi

Southern Methodist University

Miles Beattie

Nate Clinton

Paul Gill

Jack Guirl

Jay Kanzler

Alex McCormick

Andrew Plax

St. Olaf College

Laura Butka

Swarthmore College

Olivia Smith

Texas Christian University

Matthew Forte

Morgan Lindsey

Teddy Martin

Vivi McNett

The University of Texas, Austin

Audrey Lee

Richard Lottes

Sydney Singer

The Ohio State University

Lailah Elliott

Tufts University

Chris Herbosa

Tulane University

Cece Fox

Ryan Henderson

Claire Phillips

Hope Sterkel

University of Tulsa

Sammy Shands

Vanderbilt University

Jessica Goldberg

George Rogers

Villanova University

Henry Dietrich

University of Virginia

Charlie Baldwin

Wabash College

Chad Wunderlich

Wake Forest University

Jack Holekamp

Max Williams

Washington University in Saint Louis

Henry Arneson

Jordan Bow

Adrianna Calhoun

Alejandra Cohen

Jon Ince

Luke Lamb

Hannah Lester

Nia Li

Imani Magare

Noga Melnick

Carrie Phillips

John Harry Wagner

Wellesley College

Sophie Hurwitz

Julia Sciortino

College of William and Mary – St. Andrews Joint Programme

Ian Doty

Julia Hotaling

Williams College

Morgan Nelson

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Jack Rosenthal

Yale University

Natalie DeWitt

Selena Lee

Reese Roberts


*all decisions as of 5/17/17

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Class of 2017 College List