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 Dear Reader,

First and foremost, thank you so much for coming to The World online. A lot of work goes into each and every issue–from pitch meetings to article writing to editing and laying out–and it’s with much gratitude that we count on your support.    

The World is John Burroughs School’s official student-driven news source and has been since 1928. As students ourselves, our focus for this school year’s issues is the students. Each article will be designed to pique the interest of our audience and, conversely, we want to hear what’s important to you. As much fun as marathon layout sessions are, the greatest part of working on The World is publication and garnering the reactions among the community. We want your opinions and feedback, but, mostly, we want to get you all interested in our monthly newspaper issue.     

During this past year, the importance of free speech and free press has become both an issue of paramount importance and much discussion. While we at The World certainly do not view ourselves in the same vein as The Washington Post, New York Times, or Wall Street Journal, we do want our paper to spur conversations and debate. We want Burroughs to be a place open to sharing perspectives and discussing current events occurring inside and outside of the school, and we want The World to be a vehicle to do so.      

My personal goal as Editor-in-Chief is to push The World into becoming one of the most respected high school newspapers in Saint Louis and the country. We have some of the brightest scholars nationally, and I want the newspaper to reflect that; The World should be a forum to question and to criticize, to expose issues and to suggest solutions, to prompt debate and collaboration. I want The World to be a means for change and improvement in the student body and the greater school community.      

While The World has existed for the past several decades, we are attempting to bring it into the modern day, and a big part of that effort is expanding our reach into the digital realm. We have recently updated our website to give it a facelift and to make it easier to navigate. I would encourage everybody to take a look at it at jbsworld.org as we will be posting new articles, photo albums, and, potentially, even video segments throughout the year and in between issue publication. The website will keep you up-to-date with the happenings around and within the Bomber community. Additionally, stay connected with us for fresh content and alerts through our Instagram at jbs_world and on Twitter @jbs_theworld. Social media is the next step in journalism, and we’ll be providing updates on there periodically, including sports scores, polls, and more.      

I’d be remiss to not properly thank our fantastic staff for all of their work in helping to pull off this first issue and in establishing our digital presence. We have a great group of reporters always willing to share their perspective and to showcase the opinions of their classmates. Our editorial staff has worked tirelessly to set the standards for what should be an excellent year. And special thanks to Layout Editor Hallie Williams and faculty sponsor Ms. Ervin for all of their work in guiding the revamped website.      

Finally, I’d like to stress how much we value all of you. Every student at Burroughs has some perspective to contribute and our goal is to accumulate a diversity of opinions in each and every issue. We will be working to hear your voice, whether as reporters or in quotations in articles, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have an idea, if you have an opinion, or if you have a desire to join the staff. I’m excited to hear from you and I’m thrilled to work to reflect your voice as Editor-in-Chief throughout this year’s iteration of The World!

Alison Gill  Editor-in-Chief

About Us